Innovative Development Programs

1  The main goals of the innovative development programs are as follows:

-      assisting senior high school students in choosing their future profession; training for the Unified State Exams with the guidance of qualified university professors;

-      early profiling, which enables students to choose from a wide range of specializations offered by educational institutions;

-      training focused on special subjects within the chosen field, which enables successful adaptation of the students to the educational process at university;

-      revealing person’s intellectual and creative abilities;

-      raising educational level of the audiences.

 Innovative development programs have been developed in close cooperation with the History of Art Department, Institute of Information Technology and Security, Institute of Linguistics (Intellectual Systems Department), Institute of History and Philology (Literature, Theatre and Cinema Departments, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics), Institute of Mass Media, International Training and Scientific Centers, as well as The State Historical-Cultural Museum-Reserve “the Moscow Kremlin”, Russian National Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, State Orient Museum and Educational Arts Museum n.a. I. Tsvetaeva.


  • International Relations and Language Communication
  • Television Workshop for Apprentice Journalist
  • The world and I - the world in me: applied psychology
  • Applied Informatics and Intellectual Systems in the Humanities
  • Traditional Culture and Methods of Moderns Presentation
  • The World of Word: text, translation, stage and screen.

The program is represented in 3 divisions:

                       - The screen and the curtain: on both sides. The History Theatre and Cinema

                       - Literature Studies

                       - Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

  • Design and Photo Art
  • Instruments of Modern Business: Marketing, Advertising, PR

Training is performed by highly qualified academic staff of RSUH (historians, linguists, mathematicians, interpreters, philologists, psychologists etc).

On completion of the training the students obtain a Certificate of the College of the Humanities at RSUH.

After finishing a training course the students may take entering examinations at the University.


For more information, tel: 8 (499) 250 63 58, 8 (499) 250 61 51