Education in photography

1  Photography has become one of the most popular hobbies in today's world. It’s also known as the most recent form of art.  Photography is usually seen as “a favorite toy which can freeze the time”, and is considered the best means to turn it back, rewind and watch it closely… But in a more generic sense, photography is a historical line, a piece of art, self-expression of an artist, brought about by their state of mind, character, experience and professionalism. Therefore, in photography just as in any other sphere there are professionals, experts and specialists, and just as in any other science, there should be its system of training professionals and a significant scientific basis. The number of people eager to be trained as professionals in photography is constantly growing. Quality photography requires much effort and vast knowledge.

As a keeper of old traditions in the national education in the humanities, RSUH has created highly favorable climate for the training of classy specialists in photography, who can make photography real art. The art of photography is now one of the most creative specializations on RSUH. Since October 2006 creative workshop has been working in the College of the Humanities. The originator and the leader of the workshop is Galina Viktorovna Volkova, a member of the Commonwealth of Artists.


Levels of Photo Education in RSUH

3      For applicants and pupils

 The College of the Humanities:

- intramural training courses for the applicants to higher educational institutions (in cooperation with educational centre Art Design): drawing, oil painting, composition and innovative development programs;

- preparatory training courses for the applicants to the College of the Humanities at RSUH (specialization “Technology and the Art of Photography”);

- special courses: "Design and Photo Art”, “Artistry in Photography”, “Artistry in Photoshop”, “Advertising Photography and Design-Projection”, “Photography Processes”, “Still Life and Portrait in Advertising Photography”, “Page Planning and Upmaking in Design”.


Secondary Professional Education

2   The College of the Humanities:

-      specialization “Technology and the Art of Photography” – on the basis of 9th and 11th form


Higher Professional Education

educational centre “Art Design”:

-      specialization “Design” (“Environmental Design”), specialization “Photo Design”


Second Professional Education

5 The College of the Humanities:

-      additional secondary professional education (specialization :Technology and the Art of Photography”)


Additional Professional Education and Professional Retraining:

Institution of Further Training:

-      professional retraining (“Modern Photography. Photo Design”).


 The College of the Humanities:

-professional retraining, advanced professional training;

Artistry in Photography”, “Advertising Photography and Design-Projection”.


Additional training for all interested in photography

The College of the Humanities:

-      programs and special courses: “Artistry in Photography”, “Advertising Photography and Design-Projection”, “Artistry in Photoshop”, “Photography Processes”, “Still Life and Portrait in Advertising Photography”, “Page Planning and Upmaking in Design”.


Institution of Further Training:

-      short-term training courses (workshops: “Press-photography”, “Shooting Everyday Life”, “Drawing and Oil Painting").


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