Our Programs

1The College of the Humanities was founded in 2006 by the decision of the RSUH Board of Studies. It is a structural subdivision of the university. The first admission was in 2007/2008, and today over 200 students study here on the basis of general secondary and senior secondary education.

The College today is a structural subdivision of the Russian State University for the Humanities, one of the leading universities of Russia with great traditions and experience in training specialists in various fields including humanities, economics, management, law, information technologies etc.

The College realizes the following programs of secondary professional education and additional education:

 Secondary vocational education training

It is carried out in the form of intramural, extra-mural education and evening classes after finishing 9th or 11th form (state diploma). Besides, this department offers second professional education or retraining.  


Pre-higher education

They are courses within the framework of innovative development educational programs, which help students develop their professional skills and personal characteristics, such as business communication and career development. Among the retraining courses there is a program “Vivat Academia, Vivant professores!”. A professional psychologist helps students make their choice in profession.


Training of applicants

Applicants are trained and specially prepared for their entering exams at any of the departments of the College.  The duration of the courses may vary from 8 to 6, 4, 2 or 1 months. There are course in Maths, the Russian language, the History of Russia, Geography and Fine Arts.

Training for Unified State Examination and entering examinations in the following subjects: the Russian language, Maths, Social Studies, Literature, History, Geography, the English language, drawing, oil painting and composition alongside with the training for the creativity contest as a part of entrance tests at the Faculty of Journalism of the Massmedia Institute at RSUH and the History of Art Faculty.


Additional professional training

These courses are aimed at the development of practical professional skills in photography and foreign languages.


International programs

International programs include field trips to France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy and the USA for students, where they can improve their knowledge of foreign languages, learn different cultures, obtain useful knowledge and skills in their professional field – business and management, computer technology, finance, tourism ect.


Education in photography

Various areas of photography  - a multilevel study of the technical basics of photography, multilevel task-oriented programs (“Design and Photo Art”, “Artistry in Photography”, Advertising Photography and Design-Projection”, “Photography Processes”. “Page Planning and Upmaking in Design”), authors' programs (“From Choosing a Camera to the Picture on the Wall” etc), specialized courses (“Mastering Photoshop” and others), work-shops of leading photographers, photography fan club.


Consultancy Service for Licensing in Education

Assistance in preparation of the set of documents for Licensing for the heads of educational institutions of secondary professional and elementary professional education. Consulting services are rendered by previous appointment (Tel: 8 499 973 41 22).